Want a Successful Marriage?

Ever thought your relationship can be saved or enhanced with scientific steps? Yup, it can! All you need is to incorporate the steps below, until they become routine, and you’ll have that love made in heaven. A relationship doesn’t have to be hard work –but it needs work, effortless work. 

Here are some steps you can take for a successful marriage.

Steps For A Successful Marriage

Expect Less, Get More

Conflict doesn’t have to be dynamite. There’s a very simple reason as to why a conflict occurs – frustration. Frustration happens when needs or wants are not met.

A happy couple has realistic expectations. They do know that conflict can arise whenever; they don’t shy away from it. It’s simple. If you are not having a conflict, then you aren’t really talking about what’s important.

One thing you can do is write down, separately, each other’s expectations from the marriage. Subtlety never works; if your partner doesn’t know what you want, how will they meet your expectations?

Appreciate Each Other

Give each other rewards. Let your partner know you appreciate everything they do for you. If you don’t do so, they might end up thinking you take them for granted. A practical way to do this is to affirm your love or gratitude every day. Tell them that you love them at least once a day.

Communicate Daily

Most people would be thinking, “Yeah, I do talk to her/him, everyday – to take the trash out, buy the groceries, pay the phone bills, pick up the kids and so on.” That hardly counts for real communication.

Every day, talk to you partner about anything other than these four –work, family, chores and your relationship. If you are not sure what to talk about, here’s a random thought –“What did you like most about Robin Hood?” The movie, not the legend! Believe it or not, communication makes a successful marriage.

Keep Costs Low

Every happy couple has a 1 to 5 ratio – one negative experience to five positives. It’s not that you need to audit everything that happens in your relationship; but you should let the positive experiences outweigh the negative ones. You should try to be happy every day; not all day every day, but every day.

That’s a lot of heavy stuff to sink in; but if done right, these steps can actually make your relationship better. Here’s to the happy couple!

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