Fees (all payments are due to time of service)~

Rate:  The fee per session is $120 per 50 minute session.

Reduced Fee: Affinity Counseling Connections, PLLC offers a sliding scale of $85-$100 for a 50 minute session. (available on a limited basis)

Insurance: At this time, Affinity Counseling Connections, PLLC does not accept insurance.

Method of Payment: Debit Card or Credit Card

Payment Due: Payment is due before each session, unless other arrangements are made.

Court-Ordered Counseling and Other Court Related Services

At Affinity Counseling Connections, PLLC, we understand the importance of providing a wide range of mental health services to our clients. However, it is important to note that we do not specialize in court-related services. If you are seeking mental health services for a court case, we recommend that you consult with an attorney or a therapist who specializes in this area.

If it is determined during your counseling that your case is a court related case, you will be asked to contact another provider, as Affinity Counseling Connections, PLLC does not specialize in this area and it is not listed as an area of specialty.

If Affinity Counseling Connections, PLLC is subpoenaed to provide services in a court case, the fee will be $300 per hour, whether a clinician testify or not. This fee is in addition to any other fees that may be associated with providing court-related services, such as copying and producing records. The fee for copies of information for court purposes is $20 per 10 pages. Appropriate signed releases need to be on file for me to have any communication (written or otherwise) with your attorneys, probation officers, etc.

It is important to understand that court-related services can be complex and time-consuming, and that these fees are intended to cover the time and resources that are required to provide these services. If you have any questions about our fees for court-related services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

At Affinity Counseling Connections, PLLC, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality mental health care. If you have any questions about our payment and fee expectations, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our goal is to make therapy accessible and affordable for everyone.

If you do not agree with this, please check with your attorney for another provider.